Let It Go And Heal Your Soul! (Feat. Poem by PS Conway)

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Anything you can’t control is teaching you how to let go and trust the Universe.—Jackson Kiddard

The skillful art of letting go, a simple act, yet difficult to master. You see, the soul knows what it wants, the mind keeps us expecting, always fearful of unwanted outcomes, never allowing us to enjoy what is currently unfolding before our eyes. We scream, we cry, we mourn, hopeful that in the not-to-distant future we have the strength and wisdom to embrace the present and let go of what no longer serves us, trusting that we move towards something more profound, a positive fruitful endeavor perhaps, stretching farther than our eyes can see. In letting go, we fear no more, we trust, we surrender, we find ourselves basking in the process.

Hello my beautiful souls! Summer is full-on and what a scorcher it has been here in Toronto! But no one is complaining. A sense of normalcy is finding its way to our cities, towns, communities, and it is just a good feeling all around. In the spirit of the theme of my blog, let’s hope, no, let’s have faith that collectively we can find it in our hearts, minds, and souls that one day we will let go of all the painful moments lived by this very real pandemic, allowing for healing, leaving a trace of fading scars reminding us of a painful time in history going beyond a pandemic. It is a time, that will forever hold meaning to a deeper level of understanding of a life when we as a collective learned about the true significance of life around us, of ourselves, going within and learning about compassion, unifying our strengths, talents, a time of learning to offer support to the vulnerable, and everyone around, because in the end that is what it was all about, that eventually we turned to love to save our souls, to save our planet. For most, it was about rolling up our sleeves, asking how may I help? How may I serve? The world suffered immensely the past two years, we lived scary moments—traumas our children will learn to overcome with time. We must remember moments of togetherness, that while the world scurried about trying to understand, organize, combat the invisible villain, that most offered support, and love, during this difficult time in history. But enough of that, this will be my last mention of this because I do not want to hang on to this dark period, I want to move forward with full intention of putting all this behind us allowing everyone, myself included, to heal from this wound, take the lessons learned and let it go, moving forward with my newfound spiritual lens, to a much hopeful brighter, future ahead. If there is a silver lining in all of this, is that there has been a positive shove and a shift to the way we conduct business today. Technological advances were kicked into high gear and unveiled in record time that otherwise would have taken a few years, maybe decades as the world continued to sleep. Through these adaptations, organizations have learned to let go of a lot of things, that included systems, and creative thinking, that were no longer serving them in order to achieve exponential growth. The only way now, is to continue to keep on moving forward, adjusting, shifting, letting go of the old and embracing this new-found resilience as we make our way to a modern world.

Feelings of victimhood usually stem from unhealed wounds of the past; many adapt to a reactive state mentality that includes lashing out at others simply to ease their own suffering. This unhealthy state may serve to grow thicker skin perhaps in an environment where there is violence, an attack on your soul and wellbeing, depending on the act and/or actions, but two wrongs never make a right. No one should carry that suffering; repeating old patterns—does not ease the pain. You are only prolonging the healing not only for yourself, but for the lineage of victims that continue a pattern, simply because it is the way it has always been dealt with. The first step in healing is to recognize that something is being done and accept your role in the suffering. Understand what is truly happening, why it is happening, dissect it, talk it out, until it no longer causes you pain, or discomfort when you bring it up, surrender to it, and let go of your wounds, and hurts. Until you have introduced the act of forgiveness, to your healing ritual, you are only allowing that “it” whatever that demon—that “ego’ is, that is keeping you in a vicious cycle of unfortunate outcomes that only serves to continue to feed your never-ending perception of going down “the wrong path.” By releasing the pain only then, can you move into the beautiful lesson it offers. Let it go and allow your soul to grow, to expand in its beauty!

It isn’t often that people ask, “How is your soul?” Yet, it is the very thing that runs deep within us that may need some love, some attention because we are too busy being in our heads that we forget to care for our souls. So how do we go about filling our soul with all the beautiful emotions that keep us joyful? Well, that’s the thing our souls are already joyful, they are perfect, already full of love, we just forget to tap into it; we need to unplug and tap into ourselves and become aware of the choices and experiences we have full control of that will help us along our journey and keep us on our path to realizing our life’s purpose—this keeps us joyful. Those we have no control of, we must let go. How do we know what our purpose is? When our soul feels filled. When we feel we are where we are meant to be, creating, living, laughing, experiencing, and most importantly that we are continuously learning and expanding. Remember the life we lead is of our choosing, we create our moments—our experiences. The moments in life that seem a little harsh, we process, we learn from, we keep moving, we let it go and voilá a challenge has turned to strength! There are no justified resentments. We must learn to view life from an open perspective. When we learn to let go of the thoughts and perceptions that keep us small, we also learn to surrender, to let go of the things we cannot control in life that drives us to a state of panic, fear, worry and anxiousness. What can we do to help us feel better about ourselves, to help ease our pains, our hurts, our feelings of inadequacies? We start by emptying our cups of all the things that no longer serve us—let it go because not doing so, keeps us under their control! Fill it with all the beautiful moments, memories, dreams that make you, that make who you are, that keep you joyful, and shine—you can never lose what’s inside, it is yours. Take back your power—the most powerful source is within you, let your light shine through and let it go!

As I continue my journey as a writer, as an observer, I become very aware of patterns we collect as badges in our daily lives, such as how we express ourselves, the way we carry ourselves—our actions. There is a time, when we benefit from being stubborn for example, times in our lives when we choose to not listen to naysayers—this (stubbornness) behaviour may have gotten you to leave your comfort zone, the familiar, and fight for a different life that otherwise would not have been accessible had you chosen to follow the masses and ignore your greatness. Perhaps you are the CEO of an organization that while in your rise to your current position, there was much to benefit, much that you would have offered as far as guidance at the time, but you forgot to innovate along the way, you forgot to listen, you got lost in your busyness and you faltered, you allowed your comfort to drive you—a vision lost because you fought for “the way things were always done.” Life is a process I have learned, and we need to be very patient but most importantly very present. Look around, evolve, don’t get left behind because the only message you are sending is that you no longer belong here—your resistance will not get you to your purpose, it will not fill your soul, it is how dreams are lost, it is how we die with our music still in us—lost opportunities. It is wonderful knowing we each have ‘free-will’, that we each have opinions, thoughts, perceptions, but only the very wise learn to recognize when those opinions need some fine tuning, because ultimately, we are here to elevate one another—it is never about what we do for ourselves that is important but about what we can do for our neighbours and for our loved ones, to lead a harmonious life. It is to remind each other that we are part of a larger self. To see ourselves in everyone and everyone in our selves. Let it go and you shall grow!

Poem by PS Conway ‘Such Lights’ poetrybyps.com

Poems truly make my heart sing, especially ones that fit so perfectly with the theme of my blog. I feel so blessed to connect with so many lovely creative souls on social media, excellent authors, artists, podcasters and I am so fortunate to have been given the privilege to share a beautiful poem above; a collaboration by the gifted poet, PS Conway: ‘Such Lights’, on love and letting go. Because when it comes to matters of the heart as the poet, Alfred Tennyson once wrote: “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”  It is Alfred who also wrote: “Sometimes the heart sees what’s invisible to the eye.” You see, it is trusting in the process that is the destination, faith the final act. We live, by rules, laws, commandments, archaic mindsets that need changing as human nature is continuously compromised by the brutality that exists.  There comes a point in life when we need to recognize that action is necessary to change the way “it has always been.” We must learn to let go of behaviour that no longer serves humanity and set out to doing exactly what human nature intended: to be—to grow. Through love and compassion can we understand human nature and through this understanding can we know peace. As we let go of resistance, and trust the process, faith will take us where we need to go. Do your part, share your messages of love, feel and swim in it, dream up a good life and run toward it, have faith that ‘God’, Source, The Universe has a much larger plan, a much larger vision than you, you just need to trust the process, it may not always happen on your schedule and don’t get hung up on how it will come to pass—greatness cannot be rushed. As we learn to turn the page in our histories, our souls learn to process the pain and turn our turmoil to peace, it is the calm that remains, that fills our soul—we let go and learn to move on. To the love that was never meant to last, and to the seasons of our deepest suffering, it is through this suffering that we learn to recognize that it was never about losing any part of ourselves, but about discovering our whole selves, a deeper self—passion, excitement and acceptance can only come from a place of true love. As we learn to let go in love, and let go of fear, we make room for the new, the unpredictable, the beautiful. Hearts were meant to be broken—letting go is the only way we know we have one, your spirit will thank you. Love is the universal language, and when we cannot have what we expect to have, or what we expect is ours, or the ‘forever love’ whatever your perception of “forever” is, it can be difficult to heal—have faith and trust that whatever is, is and let it go!

Beliefs, rituals, habits, addictions shape who we are to a certain degree all formed by our own expectations and thought encoded into actions integrated in our daily life experience. Some of these beliefs were taught to us by our parents, carried on from generation to generation, while others simply formed through our social interactions, or imposed by society, and some formed unconsciously, stories we told ourselves, our perceptions of events gone by that may have hurt us and so we weave stories to protect us from getting hurt, to justify our perceived failures. It is wonderful to have rituals especially those with family, and although some habits, and beliefs might have been key to achieving goals we set for ourselves in life, there comes a time when those belief patterns, practices and conditioning may prove to be counter-productive or limiting. So many of us, choose our path out of fear. Pleasing others may sometimes take us in a direction that we never wanted to go anyway, it might be time to bolster a good dose of self-esteem and —let it go and celebrate your uniqueness! Liberate your spirit and do what feels good to your soul!

Gratitude is the healer of all, forgiveness, an opportunity to take back our power; to remain, is to stay small. Our wounds open the doors to the most beautiful chapters in our lives—to the windows of our souls, we never knew existed. Our teachers show up in the best of times and worst of times, nothing was meant to be permanent, by embracing these lessons, knowing that we are exactly where we need to be, will only fill our heart and soul with peace, so learn the lesson and—let it go!

Stick to what feels good and resonates with your beautiful heart as true, all the rest just let it go! We each view a perception of reality through our own unique filtered lens; a filter constructed through our own choosing placed by our experiences in life. Recognize there will come a time in life when that filter will need to be refocused or ditch it altogether, so that the only true picture you see is the light projecting from within. As I sign off, it is my wish that you let go of your worries, your fears, and that you bask in the only thing you have control of and that is: LOVE! Remember to stay humble and offer kindness, elevate everyone in your life, and those you have the opportunity and great privilege to meet today. Be the person you wish to meet—be an excellent example of a human. Offer much love to your family and friends, give love and more love always, including your loyal and faithful pets!

Until our next visit together, stay kind and true to yourself.

Celebrating the beautiful powerful you,

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My Wish…

“The Most fantastic magical things can happen, and it all starts with a wish.”—Pinocchio

I love words just as much as I love wishes. Words have energy and power, they can heal or hinder, we have the choice to use them for encouragement or despair. They can humble us and offer strength in moments when we are most vulnerable. “…Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small…You never need to carry more than you can hold…” These are the beautiful lyrics of a song by Rascal Flatts in a song simply titled: “My Wish”. This entire song holds such beautiful meaning that goes beyond lyrics and a pleasant melody, and if you have not had the pleasure of listening to this gift of a song, I urge you to do so as soon as you have the opportunity. This beautiful song encapsulates the simple wish of love to those we hold dear to our heart. This is the song I dedicated to my beautiful sister-in-law a few months before her passing, it is a song I will always hold dear to my heart and I cannot not think about her and picture her beautiful smile when I hear it. I even found it in one of those musical cards just a few months after her passing (not by coincidence), I am most certain my sister-in-law meant for me to find it, to let me know she was nearby. There is something so comforting knowing that our loved ones who have passed on are always around holding our hand when we need it. This is the gift of faith, to believe in something grander, to engage with Spirit, our ultimate Source, divinely guiding us in some way, helping us regain our awareness of why we exist, what our purpose here on earth is. An awareness that shifts your perspective from blaming your circumstances and blaming others, to holding yourself accountable for your experiences learning to embrace whatever shows up in your life as part of this master plan, this perfection that is you, that is your life, a life you created.

Hello beautiful souls, I wanted to end off the year with one last message before we embark on a new year, one of hope and much promise. This past year has been a hell of a roller coaster to say the least! One that has left us feeling many emotions, unfortunately that might include painful losses for some of us, but here’s the thing about a ‘New Year’, it’s that we get to say good-bye to the past and welcome a brand New Year full of hope, one that includes many more happy moments, and I am here to ensure that cheer carries through to keep your spirit alive and help you see that all that pain you suffered resulting from the disaster that was ‘2020, will only serve to have you appreciate the smallest of joys (that are sure to come your way), that much more.

“A day without laugher is a day wasted.”—Charlie Chaplin

My wish for you is that you laugh more often. There is nothing more beautiful than the sound of a child’s laughter, do you not agree? I absolutely love when I hear my girls laugh out loud as they watch their favorite movie or show or laugh at something they shared. I could be anywhere at home and when I hear that laughter, it is the most beautiful music to my ears, it is so contagious, and I feel my heart stop for a little while just enjoying their good cheer. My girls are now 23 and 19, I will never tire of hearing their sweet laughter. So, my plea here is: no matter what is going on in your life right now, promise yourself to make it a point to laugh—I am sure anyone nearby will certainly appreciate that contagious good vibe. Laughter is so good for the soul!

When you surround yourself with things you love, your life will mirror it.

Surround yourself with beauty. Surround yourself with people and things that inspire you. Look around, there are so many beautiful things to love and appreciate in this world, in your world—the one you create, sometimes you might need to look a little harder, but it is there, I promise. My wish is that you lift your head, look up and see the beauty that currently surrounds you. As I was carefully venturing out in my neighbourhood, buying my groceries during the holidays, I noticed such beautiful flower arrangements, Christmas poinsettia, roses (I bought for a friend), just a lot of beautiful colour; an attempt by our neighbourhood business owners, to put a smile on our faces, if only for a moment allowing us to forget our sorrows. I noticed these beautiful colours and gave my praise of gratitude for my eyes to see. For some, maybe you were recently blessed with the good fortune of seeing the beauty found in the face of a new-born child—oh how sweet it is to look into the eyes and faces of a new-born, and let’s add smells to this as well, a new-born’s scent is so sweet. Perhaps you witnessed a rainbow in your part of the world or the beautiful light snow fall; one that I was so fortunate to witness at midnight on Christmas Eve, while driving around with my youngest just for the heck of it. There is much beauty that surrounds us, we need to learn to celebrate it and be grateful.

Life has a way of coming full circle, every feeling, every emotion, every thought, every spoken word, returns to its intended recipient—you. It is a boomerang ready to be returned to you with astounding accuracy—so give it a lot of love, joy, happiness, hugs, smiles, comfort, support, empathy, compassion, kindness, patience, give life all that is good, and the Universe will do its part in returning it to you many fold! It is my wish that you receive more love, more happiness, more joy…more of all that is beautiful. You see, you only get one life—make it good. Life is not a sprint, take it all in, the good and the bad—sometimes the best things in life take a while, have faith, watch it unfold without judgment, it will not disappoint. Trust that there is plenty of good still in this world, to offer kindness and compassion to a stranger and of course to your loved ones. My wish is that everyone learn the power and the gift that is: ‘forgiveness’ in this lifetime. I believe that when we have ‘unforgiving’ energy it manifests outward in some way into our physical world. When we learn to forgive, we allow the healing to begin, our soul begins the healing on an external level and we begin to witness the many little miracles that surround us, making room for new beginnings. My wish is that you find the gift of forgiveness in your lives, and in your hearts, and make room for passion, faith, hope, inspiration, love; feel the warmth, that is hope—gain a greater sense of freedom. It is in forgiving that we find strength and courage. Do not live, in regret, resentment or fear, instead invite peace, love, joy, let go of selfish demands of ego and look for the good in everything and everyone. I look at the behaviours of others that do not resonate with my wish for peace and I send them love. My experiences have taught me that I cannot get angry enough to end any war on violence, discrimination, social issues, that I cannot feel enough pain and sorrow for all the hurts in the world (it certainly will not offer healing) so I choose to stay in-Spirit because my heart tells me that where I place my attention, my intention will set me on a path of possibilities and openness to a life of miracles! And although it feels we have been at a standstill, I know this is temporary and a better tomorrow awaits, one filled with hope and prosperity and much peace. This is my wish for you.

May you dream yourself a life where you work hard and allow yourself to play even harder, that you do meaningful work, work that gives you joy and gives you purpose. Say yes, often, giggle a lot, sing to your heart’s content (preferably in the shower 😊), keep the sparkle in your eyes, encourage silly, run barefoot on the grass or in the rain (I have done this with my sister!), lie down and watch the clouds or the stars, whichever—they are both equally fascinating. Simply be. Life is meant to be lived, to feel, to be, to experience. Give yourself permission to dream big, love deeply, cry if you must and have the confidence to carry you through—have faith always. My wish is that you live an inspired life, a life of clarity, a passion filled life, surrounded by much kindness and compassion. Nurture the child in you, find people to love unconditionally, may you find friends who make you better, and may love, peace, joy and kindness always find its way into your heart, it’s the ultimate truth, it is your truth, love is what makes all things possible, never underestimate its power. You are here to inspire or be inspired…which do you choose?

This is me on my comfy couch reading a book, enjoying my fireplace

We were all sentenced to one year at home without access to our friends and loved ones for some of us. Hopefully, many of you used that time to reflect, to find time to figure out what makes you—you, what is your story, what makes you shine? For me, it is just this, to spread love through my writing, my words, to speak love and kindness to all those I meet, to those I share space with. Hopefully, you will have spent quality time with those currently in your living space and have learned a lot from one another, building solid and beautiful foundations that will help you when you go off into the world understanding that every word, every touch, every thought has an effect, it impacts all those around you as we are all connected. I know when the world once again opens up, I will make it a point to hug everyone that much tighter, smile even more than ever, laugh at everything, spread love, compassion and kindness at every opportunity. I will say good-bye to my comfy couch that has been my friend and support for seven months (oh who am I kidding, I love my couch!😊) and run the streets with open arms, dance as I did whenever I heard music in a store (if you know me you know this is true for me). I urge you to dance like nobody’s watching—it is so liberating. It is how I spent most of my high school years while roaming the school hallways or in the cafeteria (man, the 80s were fun!😊). It will be the day you get to go and make up time for precious moments lost and spend it with your loved ones, except this time around you will enjoy it that much more, you will love that much deeper. I hope that this is everyone’s plan, I hope that this is a wish we all share for this new world we are about to embark. This New Year’s Eve, it is my hope and faith, that everyone will join in and share their wish for a kinder world, one filled with optimism, confidence, courage, that your days be described with words like: exhilarating, enthusiastic, breathtaking, exciting, hope, humanity and selflessness. Whatever your journey, wherever life takes you or throws at you, know we are all connected, every experience leading us to one path and that is love. My wish is that you live an inspired life (in-Spirit) otherwise you are just living. And in this inspiration, you are awakened, you see things with clarity; with your spiritual lens now intact, you notice the world has forever changed bringing growth, placing you on a path of your heart’s truest desires, compassion and kindness as your guides holding the key to successfully manifesting your dreams. The meaning of life is to have faith, to believe you deserve life’s best gifts, to hope for better tomorrows but enjoy the gifts of today in whatever form simply to love that much more, to laugh that much louder, to have that much more compassion and empathy.

As we enter this new world, our perspectives must shift. Our old ways of thinking and doing things no longer serve us. This new world no longer has room for hate and judgment, instead it is one filled with optimism—which is key to overcoming all obstacles, overcoming anything, but that we do it together. Let us not look at the past, except to learn from our mistakes and to mourn for those we have lost, together let us wish for a beautiful today, one filled with humility, laughter, acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude, compassion, generosity, love, joy, humanity and kindness always. Let us pray for some healing, we are all in need of it. Each of us have the power to choose our thoughts align them with love, peace, harmony and good will. Together, we can create our present and future moments at the highest possible level, your heart is the center—allow yourself to feel peace and harmony. Rejoice, celebrate, be grateful, let the power of a smile melt your heart and influence happiness that has not been around for quite some time. Gratitude connects us all—it is the medicine our world needs today. This is my wish for you.

I would like to a share a prayer with you, a prayer that made its way into my life a few years back and it is a prayer I say every morning or at least once a day. Reminding me that every day is a gift, a gift I get to share with loved ones, another day I get to impact someone’s life in the most positive way. I will share with you a part of this prayer for the sake of this blog, you are welcome to search up the entire prayer online. Its origin is of no importance, there are many versions, many stories of its authentic author, but that’s not the take away here, the message beautifully reflects a message of peace. I ask that you adapt the prayer, more importantly its message, into your life, you may change the language so that it resonates with you and your beliefs, your practices, but its modest message should remain as it is a message of peace, hope and love, one that should be the same in any language, in any corner of the world. Thank you for allowing me to share this message. With great love and respect:

So, my sweet souls say good-bye to what no longer serves you…let it go and make room for exciting new things to come, new hopes, new resolutions, new spirits. Wishing you optimal health always, and may the New Year bring us all much peace, joy, abundance and loads and loads of happiness. January 1st, is the start of a New Year, it is the day you get to write yourself a new chapter in your life—make it remarkable!

Remember to offer love to everyone, and during these holidays especially, be extra kind to all those you meet. Offer much love to your families (everyone is extra hurting this year), give love and more love always, including your loyal and faithful pets!

Until our next visit together, stay kind and true to yourself.

To the beautiful powerful you,

Ana Spano

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