About the Author

Ana’s home is Woodbridge, Ontario in Canada. A small town outside of Toronto. She has lived here most of her life, having moved here the week she would be married to her high school sweet-heart and best friend. 

Ana currently holds a full time position in a law firm where she excels at her position as Senior Claims Consultant. She attributes part of her thirst for writing to her long hours conducting law related research and the countless legal briefs and correspondence that go part and parcel with the job. After fifteen years in the field Ana had an ‘aha’ moment while in a meeting in a boardroom (realising she much rather be somewhere else sharing her thoughts on paper) and has been dreaming about publishing her first book ever since.


As long as she can remember, Ana has always kept a journal by her side, always writing poems, personal thoughts, songs that were mostly inspired by her adolescent relationships but for a brief moment in her life she put this passion on pause making time for her career and nurturing her young family. She rekindled her love affair for writing while working as Senior Claims Consultant and it is her wish to transition from moonlighting to becoming a full-time writer. 


Ana’s vision for the planet is to spread the message of Peace, Love and the importance of Kindness – this is her life goal and even bigger passion. It is her hope to travel the world spreading the good message of Peace, Love and Kindness through her books and as a Life Coach. Teaching us to love every experience, every person we have the opportunity to meet, one kind gesture at a time.

For now, Ana is devoting her time on her first book: Perspectives; a project that has been 10 years in the making, and has been nothing short of a creative and therapeutic outlet that has led her to some wonderful revelations filled with beautiful life lessons, forming wonderful life long relationships. 

I’m enjoying my writing journey and I hope you will follow me and enjoy the  things I post. We all have dreams, we all have fears–our events in life shape how we see things, love is always the outcome. When we have a positive view in life we begin to attract positive experiences like magic! It is wonderful to live a life with empathy, seeing circumstances from other’s perspective. While corporations pride themselves in lifting economies, I will strive myself to lift your spirits. May you find inspiration in my words and a little perspective! 

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves”—C.G. Jung

To your success always,