Changing The Brainwave Of The Suspicious Mind Part I

“Calmness of mind, is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom”—James Allen

Thinking greater than how you feel—that is the challenge. It is not about what is going on currently, socially, economically, across the oceans or across the street from where you are but what inner conversation(s) you are having with yourself; where your thoughts are, that will keep you hostage to an “idea”, a perception, that takes hold of your physical lens keeping you small or big, depending on your perspective. It is easy for the observer to pass judgment on any scenario before them and determine that what they are observing can easily be fixed. In fact, they are quite puzzled as to why someone is living the life of “victimhood” when surely, they could simply get out of their own way and live the life they are meant to; but it is never that simple to the individual living the experience, is it? Anyone of us can fall into the trappings of victimhood, lack, illness—name your poison. The key is learning to keep our brain and mind masterful through awareness. If we are all too willing and eager to listen to what our mind and thoughts tell us is happening, as believing in mediocrity is much easier than believing in something greater than oneself; to believe or think something greater than what is in front of our eyes—then, so it is. We think mediocrity, we move towards it. It is Henry Ford that said: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t—you’re right.” So, what is your next move?

Hello my beautiful souls!  Fall is here! One of my favourite seasons! And as I finish publishing this article, we are deep into November and winter is right around the corner, in fact we got a little snow here today! I have set out some wonderful fall decorations throughout and have my home smelling like pumpkin spice and everything nice! Yum! I found some nice, scented candles to match the wonderful mood of the season. Fall is such a wonderful season filled with emotions of gratitude and wholesomeness perhaps it is because it’s the month we celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving, but I do love to reflect on the wonderful summer months past, filled with much outdoor excitement, BBQ meals, café excursions, reflecting and being grateful for the amazing friendships I have and of course my beautiful loving family. My wish is that we continue creating wonderful memories, everyday especially with the holiday seasons to come. That is the beauty of seasons, they hold emotions of events, of wonderful experiences past. Emotions can be powerful that even the slightest scent can transport you to a time; a moment, a feeling and just like that, you bring it into your present. We must be careful in what we choose to bring into our present however, as those emotions, feelings, energies that we lock away deep in our souls will have the unsuspecting mind learning to function in its sometimes-toxic energy, producing negative chemicals in the brain and body sending out negative vibrations—materializing the unpleasantries we all perceive as our truth. So, as you stroll through your favorite store, or make your way through the many paths’ life has in store, or you light a candle, or you spray your favorite perfume—the many scents you get to pick-up can send your mind reeling, often triggering memories of long past, they also have the power to impress on you emotionally. The mind, the brain, is so complex, we need a lot of time to understand its power which is why I have split the article in a two part series (otherwise it will be longer than usual😊) I know right! Hey, I have a lot to say! So I hope you will keep watch for the second part. I hope to not disappoint.

Did you know there are high-level entrepreneurs transforming high-profile branding in the business of creating signature scents? Because nothing spells success than when creating memorable connections between brands and consumers; something for the entrepreneurial mind to think about when investing in branding a scent for business and/or for personal use, lightening the mood in your home while creating a cozy space for you and your loved ones. And since we are on the topic of scents, if your home and family are in need of a pick-me-up and you wish to fill your space and life with sweet magic and positive vibes, invest in some candles or air diffusers; there are some wonderful fall scents out right now that do wonders for everyone’s mood; for me, burnt caramel pumpkin spice is currently the aroma wafting through the space in my beautiful home right now and I am going to keep on lighting it, just to hang onto that fall feeling a little bit longer. Try it! Your family will love you for it!

While the study of consumer emotion can pay high dividends for some major corporations when testing consumer experience; it is crucial that it be done for the purposes of infusing a good dose of motivation or playing on desires—as emotions, can break the human spirit if not drawn from a sense of well-being. As it stands, currently, emotions are quite high for most, for a number of reasons, perhaps you are out of work, there are high level of stressors affecting emotions due to the current economy, as we slowly get on with our lives post pandemic, perhaps relationships are not working out—maybe you are not in your dream relationship, the same goes for relationships at work, or perhaps you are not where you wish to be career wise—are you fired up? Or are you spiraling? ☹ As Dr. Joe Dispenza says: “Emotions are the chemical consequences of past experiences.” Every time we think about a trauma we lived, we are creating the same chemistry, the same results. What thought is your brain conjuring? I strongly believe that we are all here to create beautiful futures—the past has already happened, so why dwell in it? Every morning you get to think a new dream, a new life for yourself, so what’s it going to be? You cannot be moving forward if you keep looking at the rear-view mirror, highlighting past events.  Let go of what no longer serves you, that includes old thought patterns, worries, regrets, guilts—all recurring thoughts that are now habits (that are not working for you), keeping you in the past. You keep fueling those thoughts and you start living in the past, you will start feeling trapped, never getting ahead in life. It will not matter how many zeros you have accumulated in your bank account, if you cannot think past your insecurities—and you cannot think bigger than what you see in front of you—you will never see yourself “greater than,”  you will never feel wealthy, successful, or feel that freedom your perception of what success might feel like, if you continue to relive moments of past failures, moments of doubt, moments of “lack,” moments of illness.  You become trapped in a prison of your own making.

If you choose to take a glimpse at past events, looking at it from a different angle; one from a growth perspective propelling you forward, perhaps influencing different possibilities, this paints a very different picture. What do I mean? The beauty of hindsight, the beauty of time, allows us to reflect on any given moment in our lives—a glimpse at a snapshot in life where we get to see how a negative event had to occur for your greatness to shine! You see, it is never about what one attains at the end that is the goal or the reward, but about who they become along the way, and you get to tell those stories as you move through life, through the bad, the grief, the darkness, the hard work, and you get to tell it with great emotion, because you lived it and that deep emotion is what gave you strength. Now, while that emotion served a purpose at that time—it is unhealthy to hold onto, as certain emotions can be quite toxic that with time can keep us hostage to old hurts, old pains, old patters, unless they are emotions of great excitement, or ones full of inspiration, and emotions of gratitude.  We must learn to decipher and let go of what no longer serves our soul, that includes old ways of doing things, even our views on life need to be revisited every so often, old habits, and yes—emotions. Our past experiences should not define who we are, instead we should be defined by a vision of our future. The secret is to keep moving, creating new experiences, that create new energy, new emotions. It is never about waiting for our fears and insecurities to lessen before deciding to move forward—it is about being bold right now despite the chaos, the seeming disarray surrounding us, going to the edge of the uncertainty in life and taking that leap of faith!

“It’s not what you say out of your mouth that determines your life, it’s what you whisper to yourself that has the most power!—Robert T. Kiyosaki

How can we push forward? The key is becoming aware of the inner dialogue we started all those years ago, especially the conversations we have with ourselves the minute we open our eyes each morning. Words are powerful. We must learn to control the nature and the direction of our inner conversations as most of us are roaming this planet totally unaware of the fact that our conversations (those we speak aloud and those in our inner thoughts) are the causes of the circumstances of our life. Most of us begin our mornings with a thought; and that thought will set the momentum of the kind of day we are going to have. So, if you are going to sleep with thoughts of anger from something that happened to you during the day, or you fed your brain all sorts of negative content as you scrolled through on social media, or you listened to the news right before going sleep, this will only seep into your subconscious mind as you sleep. That alone, will fire up all sorts of vibrations around you, and into your existence and you are not even aware you are doing it. Can you guess what will happen as you awaken the following day? You will already, set in motion a momentum of doom and gloom igniting a certain set of brain waves, firing off certain circuits in the brain that in turn set off constricting energies that infiltrate your subconscious mind. As you set out about your day, you have set a vibration already in motion and just as you can attract abundance and wonderful experiences into your existence by the Law of Attraction, that same law will have you attracting the opposite. You will not stand a chance in trying to attract abundance, love, positive experiences with your active (Beta) brain (the state your brain is most engaged while awake) because you have already started your day on a negative charge and that was from frequencies you fed your brain that then fueled your mind from a programing of the night, days, weeks, before. To understand mind, body connection you must understand the brain—they are inextricable. You see, as you change the brain’s structure, you change how the brain behaves and in turn it affects what kind of mind emerges from its interactions with the environment. In other words, to understand what shapes the mind, you need (among other things) to determine how people today actually think and behave. The human brain has an evolutionary past—every cell, every moment in our mental lives—connecting us all to an entire history, not only in our own lives but to life on this planet—it is ever changing, always evolving. Scientists can now offer evidence that our brains do have the ability to change over time, as we add new experiences through a facility known as plasticity.

As you engage in your day, through thought, conversations, teaching—this is your brain activating Beta waves. There are four categories of these brainwaves, ranging from the most activity to the least activity.  When we go to bed and read for a few minutes before attempting to sleep, we are likely to be in low beta. As we shut the lights and close our eyes, our brainwaves descend from beta, to alpha, to theta and finally, and as we fall asleep—to delta. The daydreamer, in the shower or coasting along through traffic, will often activate theta brainwave state, this is where tasks can become so automatic that often you can mentally disengage from the task, often having no recollection how you got to a certain place, or have very little recollection of performing the task. It is this automaticity that can become quite dangerous if you choose to continue to perform tasks without emotion. I wonder if this is how a diagnosis of “dementia” becomes a painful reality to so many—it is this functioning on “automaticity,”—to not being aware of your thought or thought pattern as you function about your day, simply performing tasks on autopilot. In other words, your body, has determined a pattern in function, language, and non-active thought, to keep you trapped in a “loop.” It is why brain and heart coherence are so important.

On one end of the spectrum: the beautiful mind can help you attract the life you wish, by becoming aware of your thoughts, language, and emotions, so as what you focus on, you will attract. Equally true, choose to ignore your brain, feed it an unhealthy diet, negative software, fail to practice and activate the brain with healthy daily brain and thought exercise; become sloppy and not engage heart and brain coherence—soon your mind will reveal to you, and materialize into your existence what your unhealthy brain and mind have conjured for you—a life of repeated cycles of daily events, living the same moments, that soon turn to thoughts of disappointment, bitterness, quite possibly illness, and misfortune—all created by your choosing to place your focus on unhealthy thought patterns. The suspicious mind is often looking for thought, thought patterns, firing and wiring, brainwaves, vibrations, and energy fields, if we choose to ignore these patterns, or we are not aware of our thought patterns, it will keep our mind, body, and soul hostage to a perception; a perspective that may not even resonate with our current truth. It will only snowball unless we tell our mind to stop! How do you do that? By meditating. Understanding the brain and mind can be quite complex but it is the key to understanding why you attract certain scenarios into your world, it will also explain why things happen for you and until you truly understand it, it is when you will know you have the power to control it. Stop convincing yourself that things do not work out for you because you were wacked with the “unlucky” stick all those years ago, or because it is in your DNA. This is the language I often hear from so many people. In fact, epigenetics teaches us that we are not doomed by our genes and that we have the ability to activate our own gene activity and modify it. It really is all about vibration and what you have tapped into and all you need to do, is become aware of it and fine tune it to a different frequency. Yes, you have control of stopping that negative momentum you set in motion all those weeks, months, years ago. Do the work now, set your vibration to a different frequency and watch the magic flow!

This is how I have simplified it to better understand mind and brain function: the brain is the motherboard of the mind. It is the central communication backbone connectivity point. It is where neurons (billions of cells) are found carrying different information in the form of electrical impulses that communicate with each other and the rest of your body through special meeting points called synapses. Neurosurgeons and neurologists will find clues to the functions of the mind in relation to the brain structure when observing patients’ wave patterns; studies they conduct using an EEG measuring electrical activity in the brain. Just as electrical currents to the brain can influence a lifelike experience; chemicals can alter a person’s perception, personality, mood, and reasoning. It was Hippocrates that identified the brain as the analyst of the outside world, the interpreter of the consciousness. So, the brain with its Sub-atomic particles, atoms, molecules, cells, neurons, modules, can help us understand what the mind is experiencing, seeing, feeling through different levels of organizations within the mind. As you function throughout your day, being conscious in Beta wave, unless you consciously snap out of a negative vibration (that you created) and you work at keeping that positive mental charge through attention and intention, so as you keep negative chatter in that brain of yours and you start believing and seeing that which you focus on—it will materialize in your world. A negative charge will soon have you start believing that busy negative mental chatter, that will only serve to manifest your fears, your worries, your doubts into existence—this is the trap. As the unsuspecting mind starts believing that negative chatter, it will place you in a negative vibration, because science explains that: everything is in constant motion, vibrating at a specific frequency—it isn’t something you can see or touch—but rather something you sense, feel, and react to. This results in a very happy or unhappy being☹. The more you attune to your own energy, the more you become aware of how your vibes affect your entire experience, you will have the opportunity to change it.

Through science we understand that: “emotion is energy in motion” therefore also holding vibrational frequency. Learning to navigate these frequencies can be powerful in shifting you into a higher, more balance state of being. If we know everything is energy, and that includes ‘bad feelings’ such as feelings of ‘anxiousness, stress, sadness, fear’, which is helpful to know that if these emotions are simply energies that we have attracted, and the only purpose of energy is “movement,” then as we allow them to move forward, and through us, their whole purpose is to be released. It is never about keeping these energies or these emotions for an extended period, it is simply to keep them moving forward. So, as we move through these dark, low, dense energies, or better yet, as we allow them to move through us, and we learn to let go of them, then can we maintain a higher frequency, which is where most want to be anyway, because it feels good and it is also the vibration necessary to attract all the beautiful desires, we have for ourselves. Have you ever noticed when you are feeling down, that is when the “friend” with all the negative talk starts seeking you out, or phone messages and television programs starts firing to you all the doom of the world—to contribute to your mood? That’s right, our vibrations (the ones we create) are algorithms. Our minds are constantly firing and wiring these circuits—these brainwaves of what we most think and feel. If you feel “crappy”, then it will dish out the “crap” and you and your vibration, will attract the horrible tasting coffee, the horrible moody waiter/waitress, the unpleasant drive home, that unexpected repair bill.

I am a firm believer that most, love feeling stressed, angry, disappointed, because you down right fight for your negative emotions, even when someone like me, comes along and points out to you why this is happening; and I try (believe me I try) to help you shift that perspective, shift that energy to one that is of higher frequency but instead, you choose NOT to listen, NOT to do the work and you keep your feelings of familiarity which often are feelings of mediocrity, lack, anxiousness, because you convince yourself that the “new” positive charge is just way harder to do. Even as you read this article, you are already rolling your eyes, telling yourself, it’s NOT that easy to flick the switch off, and you maintain that current of negative emotion, flowing. Why are you fighting so hard to keep that switch “on?” Why not join me over here, where that dream, that desire you so long for, can be easily achieved? Or maybe I have it the other way around, flip the “switch on” to mastery, to your best life! You see, you cannot claim to use the laws of attraction, listen to your positive morning affirmations, meditate, and attempt to manifest your dream life while maintaining a low vibration. It does not matter how many positive books on self-help or self-empowering seminars you attend; if your mind and body are already wired to react to the “negative” as a familiar, then any attempt to a positive charge, will simply be dismissed as something “unattainable”, because it is too hard, or simply something you have convinced yourself, “NOT TO BELIEVE” as true in your world, in your current present, therefore cannot occur in your future either. That is why so many fail in their attempt to that weight loss program, exercise regime / resolution. It is why so many are incapable of successfully completing that powerful 10-step to riches formula, because the only power ever given is to conditioning a mentality of mediocrity, and lost opportunities, so much so, that your body takes control and starts taking you through the motions of how you are used to feeling; what is comfortable and familiar (even if it is keeping you from your desires)—and this is all retrieved from your subconscious mind, because it is the way you have programmed yourself. What a bleak future if the programing comes from a perspective of defeat.

The good news is, you have the power to change and that starts by rewiring your brain and body to make lasting change. Become aware of your thoughts. Become familiar with and learn the most about yourself through mediation and physical exercise that will assist in accessing healthier levels of the mind. Regular meditation has been shown to increase the ‘alpha’ waves I wrote about earlier, this is when your brain is relaxed, most recommended for reducing stress. Let’s take a look below of how we can manipulate brain waves for a better mental state—and life you desire:

  1. Change your thoughts. Every thought has a frequency. Unlearn and un-memorize emotions stored deep in the body that no longer serve you. This is what is keeping you in that hamster wheel. Awareness. Become aware of your thoughts. Break your old habits, break old thought patterns. Change the way you think, change your life. Start setting a habit of thinking positive and being kind, soon kindness becomes your default action.
  2. Lower the volume to your emotions; to that hatred, to that jealousy, whatever caused you anger all those weeks, months, years ago.  STOP being hostage to those emotions. How you think and how you feel creates a state of being. The stronger the emotion you have to some person, or an event, the more you hang onto it—you are giving your power to it. The longer you stay in it, it becomes a mood, it becomes a temperament, it becomes a personality trait. What are you reliving from your past? Keep in mind that what you place your attention to is where you place your energy. Take your power back. Lower the volume to your frustration to your hatred to your anger. Break the energetic bonds that are creating an imbalance in your energy field generating feelings of dependency, anger, anxiety, resentment, fear that are also responsible for creating unhealthy chemicals in your body resulting in illness.
  3. Be greater than…your fears, your thoughts, your worries.  This is a challenge, if you are currently living in an environment that is currently producing negative emotions; you must learn to see past and live past any unwanted illusion—to be greater than your worries. To prepare the body for growth and repair you must break your current negative emotional state—it all lies on what you are putting attention to—your brain’s memory system; your perceptions. STOP telling yourself the same painful story.
  4. STOP the server of your mind. IF you keep accessing the same negative stories, it will only keep manifesting the same negative experiences. Instead, embrace the uncertainty. Create your future from the unknown, NOT from the familiar—the fear, the worry, the mediocrity. Create and visualize what you would like to see your future look like not from the familiar past, NOT from the comfortable, but from what makes you uncomfortable, from the uncertain—the unknown, which is where growth lives; it is where expansion is. Break the old image in your thoughts, and record of the past by creating and imagining what behaviours and events you wish to experience in your ideal future…and so it is.
  5.  LET GO. Let go of what no longer serves you, old energies, especially old emotions. Remember it is about mind and heart coherence. We experience everything through LOVE; (through the eyes of GOD) an emotion so fluid, it is never meant to be trapped to one thing, one person, one place—nothing is permanent. Learn this principle: let go of old energies, old thought patterns, old emotions, that includes old ‘loves’ that never materialized or a love that has run its course (this could be in a partner; a long-standing career; a craft, a skill that can no longer be). When it is ready to let go of you—you must let it and allow space for something more beautiful to grow in its place!

My observation is that for the most part, we live a life of constant comparison, we create perceptions of our own lives, and make up stories in our minds for the sake of blaming something outside ourselves as to “why certain things did NOT turn out for us”—the trap! A movie reel stuck in a loop deep in the corner of our minds offering, comfort, disappointment, guilt. We are the broadcasters of our vibrations—we must learn to be intentional with our thoughts and thought patterns. Do not give your power away, to no one, no thing, to any circumstance—do not look through the lens of your own deceitful eyes. Learn to become consciously aware and witness to what you are living, to what you are vibrating and most importantly be mindful of your thoughts. Are you going to argue for your limitations or for your expansion? Are you going to create your own reality, or will you dance to the tune of your constant complaining about the reality you have created by default? Become conscious and witness to your past actions as you remember it; pay special attention to those actions, and thoughts, as well as language, as you observe it in your present, for in attaining the mystical life you so desire, remember your mind can dream up worlds and wonderful experiences conjuring lasting emotions—so imagine it! As the masterful Robin Sharma says, “Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality.” Be intentional with your thoughts.

We cannot always think positive and feel positive but know that experiencing negative emotions is part of being human—both are necessary to live a fulfilled life. The key is being careful in not allowing a negative emotion to become chronic as it can lead to a decline in psychological and physiological well-being. Embrace every experience, you have the great privilege to experience, with LOVE as your ultimate gain. You don’t think your way through life, you feel your way through life. It is never about the money, it is never about the status or end-result, but about the LOVE for your mission, the journey one embarks while in search for that purpose, for the art—that craft, of whatever you are engaged in doing wholeheartedly. That LOVE, that passion, can easily be transferred to many other experiences, it is never about “one thing,” or one gift or skill but about moving forward in mind, body, and spirit while you continue to participate in “life.” I believe, that most of us go searching for LOVE in the form of a partner, someone to love, and yes, that is beautiful, but love can be found everywhere, in everything. We are expressions of LOVE here to express LOVE in every form, always fluid, changing—nothing is permanent. Once you understand this principle, it will get you to that fulfillment we are in constant search of. It is important to plant seeds that will ensure to cultivate positive emotions like seeds of love, warmth, gratitude, and appreciation for many things, as we have learned, it is never about ONE LOVE. So, when it is ready to let go of you, and you let go of it, you will be at peace in mind, body, and spirit.

Keep yourself vibrationally in tuned with who you are, act and remember to think with intention and attention. Free yourself from limiting beliefs by raising your vibration it is the difference from dragging yourself out of bed to jumping out of bed ready to tackle the world or just life! Being aware of your thoughts and how you view the world will only serve, to experience a much kinder, gentler, forgiving world. So, always keep yourself vibrationally high and attract all the perfect moments, joys and peace into your existence because you deserve to live a brilliant abundant life. Keep smiling! Always giving yourself the utmost unconditional love along the way! Remember to stay humble and offer kindness, elevate everyone in your life, and those you have the opportunity and great privilege to meet today, with a simple smile. Be the person you wish to meet—be an excellent example of a human. Offer much love to your family and friends, give love and more love always, including your loyal and faithful pets!

Until our next visit together, stay kind and true to yourself.

Celebrating the beautiful powerful you,

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Let It Go And Heal Your Soul! (Feat. Poem by PS Conway)

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Anything you can’t control is teaching you how to let go and trust the Universe.—Jackson Kiddard

The skillful art of letting go, a simple act, yet difficult to master. You see, the soul knows what it wants, the mind keeps us expecting, always fearful of unwanted outcomes, never allowing us to enjoy what is currently unfolding before our eyes. We scream, we cry, we mourn, hopeful that in the not-to-distant future we have the strength and wisdom to embrace the present and let go of what no longer serves us, trusting that we move towards something more profound, a positive fruitful endeavor perhaps, stretching farther than our eyes can see. In letting go, we fear no more, we trust, we surrender, we find ourselves basking in the process.

Hello my beautiful souls! Summer is full-on and what a scorcher it has been here in Toronto! But no one is complaining. A sense of normalcy is finding its way to our cities, towns, communities, and it is just a good feeling all around. In the spirit of the theme of my blog, let’s hope, no, let’s have faith that collectively we can find it in our hearts, minds, and souls that one day we will let go of all the painful moments lived by this very real pandemic, allowing for healing, leaving a trace of fading scars reminding us of a painful time in history going beyond a pandemic. It is a time, that will forever hold meaning to a deeper level of understanding of a life when we as a collective learned about the true significance of life around us, of ourselves, going within and learning about compassion, unifying our strengths, talents, a time of learning to offer support to the vulnerable, and everyone around, because in the end that is what it was all about, that eventually we turned to love to save our souls, to save our planet. For most, it was about rolling up our sleeves, asking how may I help? How may I serve? The world suffered immensely the past two years, we lived scary moments—traumas our children will learn to overcome with time. We must remember moments of togetherness, that while the world scurried about trying to understand, organize, combat the invisible villain, that most offered support, and love, during this difficult time in history. But enough of that, this will be my last mention of this because I do not want to hang on to this dark period, I want to move forward with full intention of putting all this behind us allowing everyone, myself included, to heal from this wound, take the lessons learned and let it go, moving forward with my newfound spiritual lens, to a much hopeful brighter, future ahead. If there is a silver lining in all of this, is that there has been a positive shove and a shift to the way we conduct business today. Technological advances were kicked into high gear and unveiled in record time that otherwise would have taken a few years, maybe decades as the world continued to sleep. Through these adaptations, organizations have learned to let go of a lot of things, that included systems, and creative thinking, that were no longer serving them in order to achieve exponential growth. The only way now, is to continue to keep on moving forward, adjusting, shifting, letting go of the old and embracing this new-found resilience as we make our way to a modern world.

Feelings of victimhood usually stem from unhealed wounds of the past; many adapt to a reactive state mentality that includes lashing out at others simply to ease their own suffering. This unhealthy state may serve to grow thicker skin perhaps in an environment where there is violence, an attack on your soul and wellbeing, depending on the act and/or actions, but two wrongs never make a right. No one should carry that suffering; repeating old patterns—does not ease the pain. You are only prolonging the healing not only for yourself, but for the lineage of victims that continue a pattern, simply because it is the way it has always been dealt with. The first step in healing is to recognize that something is being done and accept your role in the suffering. Understand what is truly happening, why it is happening, dissect it, talk it out, until it no longer causes you pain, or discomfort when you bring it up, surrender to it, and let go of your wounds, and hurts. Until you have introduced the act of forgiveness, to your healing ritual, you are only allowing that “it” whatever that demon—that “ego’ is, that is keeping you in a vicious cycle of unfortunate outcomes that only serves to continue to feed your never-ending perception of going down “the wrong path.” By releasing the pain only then, can you move into the beautiful lesson it offers. Let it go and allow your soul to grow, to expand in its beauty!

It isn’t often that people ask, “How is your soul?” Yet, it is the very thing that runs deep within us that may need some love, some attention because we are too busy being in our heads that we forget to care for our souls. So how do we go about filling our soul with all the beautiful emotions that keep us joyful? Well, that’s the thing our souls are already joyful, they are perfect, already full of love, we just forget to tap into it; we need to unplug and tap into ourselves and become aware of the choices and experiences we have full control of that will help us along our journey and keep us on our path to realizing our life’s purpose—this keeps us joyful. Those we have no control of, we must let go. How do we know what our purpose is? When our soul feels filled. When we feel we are where we are meant to be, creating, living, laughing, experiencing, and most importantly that we are continuously learning and expanding. Remember the life we lead is of our choosing, we create our moments—our experiences. The moments in life that seem a little harsh, we process, we learn from, we keep moving, we let it go and voilá a challenge has turned to strength! There are no justified resentments. We must learn to view life from an open perspective. When we learn to let go of the thoughts and perceptions that keep us small, we also learn to surrender, to let go of the things we cannot control in life that drives us to a state of panic, fear, worry and anxiousness. What can we do to help us feel better about ourselves, to help ease our pains, our hurts, our feelings of inadequacies? We start by emptying our cups of all the things that no longer serve us—let it go because not doing so, keeps us under their control! Fill it with all the beautiful moments, memories, dreams that make you, that make who you are, that keep you joyful, and shine—you can never lose what’s inside, it is yours. Take back your power—the most powerful source is within you, let your light shine through and let it go!

As I continue my journey as a writer, as an observer, I become very aware of patterns we collect as badges in our daily lives, such as how we express ourselves, the way we carry ourselves—our actions. There is a time, when we benefit from being stubborn for example, times in our lives when we choose to not listen to naysayers—this (stubbornness) behaviour may have gotten you to leave your comfort zone, the familiar, and fight for a different life that otherwise would not have been accessible had you chosen to follow the masses and ignore your greatness. Perhaps you are the CEO of an organization that while in your rise to your current position, there was much to benefit, much that you would have offered as far as guidance at the time, but you forgot to innovate along the way, you forgot to listen, you got lost in your busyness and you faltered, you allowed your comfort to drive you—a vision lost because you fought for “the way things were always done.” Life is a process I have learned, and we need to be very patient but most importantly very present. Look around, evolve, don’t get left behind because the only message you are sending is that you no longer belong here—your resistance will not get you to your purpose, it will not fill your soul, it is how dreams are lost, it is how we die with our music still in us—lost opportunities. It is wonderful knowing we each have ‘free-will’, that we each have opinions, thoughts, perceptions, but only the very wise learn to recognize when those opinions need some fine tuning, because ultimately, we are here to elevate one another—it is never about what we do for ourselves that is important but about what we can do for our neighbours and for our loved ones, to lead a harmonious life. It is to remind each other that we are part of a larger self. To see ourselves in everyone and everyone in our selves. Let it go and you shall grow!

Poem by PS Conway ‘Such Lights’

Poems truly make my heart sing, especially ones that fit so perfectly with the theme of my blog. I feel so blessed to connect with so many lovely creative souls on social media, excellent authors, artists, podcasters and I am so fortunate to have been given the privilege to share a beautiful poem above; a collaboration by the gifted poet, PS Conway: ‘Such Lights’, on love and letting go. Because when it comes to matters of the heart as the poet, Alfred Tennyson once wrote: “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”  It is Alfred who also wrote: “Sometimes the heart sees what’s invisible to the eye.” You see, it is trusting in the process that is the destination, faith the final act. We live, by rules, laws, commandments, archaic mindsets that need changing as human nature is continuously compromised by the brutality that exists.  There comes a point in life when we need to recognize that action is necessary to change the way “it has always been.” We must learn to let go of behaviour that no longer serves humanity and set out to doing exactly what human nature intended: to be—to grow. Through love and compassion can we understand human nature and through this understanding can we know peace. As we let go of resistance, and trust the process, faith will take us where we need to go. Do your part, share your messages of love, feel and swim in it, dream up a good life and run toward it, have faith that ‘God’, Source, The Universe has a much larger plan, a much larger vision than you, you just need to trust the process, it may not always happen on your schedule and don’t get hung up on how it will come to pass—greatness cannot be rushed. As we learn to turn the page in our histories, our souls learn to process the pain and turn our turmoil to peace, it is the calm that remains, that fills our soul—we let go and learn to move on. To the love that was never meant to last, and to the seasons of our deepest suffering, it is through this suffering that we learn to recognize that it was never about losing any part of ourselves, but about discovering our whole selves, a deeper self—passion, excitement and acceptance can only come from a place of true love. As we learn to let go in love, and let go of fear, we make room for the new, the unpredictable, the beautiful. Hearts were meant to be broken—letting go is the only way we know we have one, your spirit will thank you. Love is the universal language, and when we cannot have what we expect to have, or what we expect is ours, or the ‘forever love’ whatever your perception of “forever” is, it can be difficult to heal—have faith and trust that whatever is, is and let it go!

Beliefs, rituals, habits, addictions shape who we are to a certain degree all formed by our own expectations and thought encoded into actions integrated in our daily life experience. Some of these beliefs were taught to us by our parents, carried on from generation to generation, while others simply formed through our social interactions, or imposed by society, and some formed unconsciously, stories we told ourselves, our perceptions of events gone by that may have hurt us and so we weave stories to protect us from getting hurt, to justify our perceived failures. It is wonderful to have rituals especially those with family, and although some habits, and beliefs might have been key to achieving goals we set for ourselves in life, there comes a time when those belief patterns, practices and conditioning may prove to be counter-productive or limiting. So many of us, choose our path out of fear. Pleasing others may sometimes take us in a direction that we never wanted to go anyway, it might be time to bolster a good dose of self-esteem and —let it go and celebrate your uniqueness! Liberate your spirit and do what feels good to your soul!

Gratitude is the healer of all, forgiveness, an opportunity to take back our power; to remain, is to stay small. Our wounds open the doors to the most beautiful chapters in our lives—to the windows of our souls, we never knew existed. Our teachers show up in the best of times and worst of times, nothing was meant to be permanent, by embracing these lessons, knowing that we are exactly where we need to be, will only fill our heart and soul with peace, so learn the lesson and—let it go!

Stick to what feels good and resonates with your beautiful heart as true, all the rest just let it go! We each view a perception of reality through our own unique filtered lens; a filter constructed through our own choosing placed by our experiences in life. Recognize there will come a time in life when that filter will need to be refocused or ditch it altogether, so that the only true picture you see is the light projecting from within. As I sign off, it is my wish that you let go of your worries, your fears, and that you bask in the only thing you have control of and that is: LOVE! Remember to stay humble and offer kindness, elevate everyone in your life, and those you have the opportunity and great privilege to meet today. Be the person you wish to meet—be an excellent example of a human. Offer much love to your family and friends, give love and more love always, including your loyal and faithful pets!

Until our next visit together, stay kind and true to yourself.

Celebrating the beautiful powerful you,

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