Welcome to my first Blog post

Hello everyone, I finally made some time from being busy to dabble at writing. I am currently working on a book and I hope to share some of my thoughts, experiences, opinions through my Blog and hope some of these pieces will make it on my book. Coming from a legal background I am embracing this literary world which is totally new and foreign to me.

Law is very black and white I have learned, but it all heavily relies on interpretation – a perspective, if you will. This is how I view life. It is all about perspective isn’t it? A medical perspective, a legal perspective, an artistic perspective, a political perspective – the list is endless. When  an opinion is asked of me on a legal matter or case, I cannot just give you a superficial response one that is on the surface only – I must go deep. My colleagues are fully aware that there is no quick answer or simple question. When they come into my office for a consultation – they must have many facts on hand before they can even approach me for an opinion. You see, when contemplating the facts of a case and before I can even begin to process an opinion or an assessment of a case – there is a checklist that must be satisfied. I will require to know, details of the accident, damage to vehicle, injuries reported from the outset, occupation of the victim, family life, medical history, etc.Why you ask is this so important? It allows me to have a better understanding of the victim involved.I will have a better understanding of the damages already visible and the damages that might arise in the future based on past case analysis and just simple experience in the field.

I have the same approach to life. Whether I am meeting someone new or going through new phases in life – I apply a checklist.  I will always ask myself a series of questions that might go something like this:

  1. Why am I meeting this person?
  2. Why is my meeting this individual imperative in my life right now?
  3. Why is this happening to me right now?
  4. What am I learning from this experience or from this person?
  5. Why might I have attracted this person or experience in my life right now?
  6. If I think with my heart, what might my next step be? Is knowing this person good for me? Is this experience good for me?

The above are samples of some of the questions. You might say – well Ana that is quite annoying if you have to analyze everything but I assure you the experience is so much more pleasant for me when I go through this analytical process, rather than just going through the motions, an experience that might leave you unsatisfied or uninterested in that someone you just encountered simply because of lack of understanding or an unwillingness to want to understand the experience, the person or whatever the situation is.When meeting someone new, I always embrace the experience knowing that we are interacting with so many different people with different backgrounds and from so many different walks of life on a daily basis – which is why every day should be different and beautiful! As soon as you step outside your front door you must be ready to embrace whatever the day holds for you. Keep in mind that everything has a cause and effect. Just like you want to be understood, so does the individual you just met.

This is just a small taste of the type of blog conversations I hope to hold with my readers. Listen, life is already complicated and quite frankly it shouldn’t be – we make it complicated. If life has thrown something at you that you currently don’t understand, sit down and apply the questions I shared in the paragraph above. We all need to understand that life is a series of adjustments. It’s the recipe to keeping alive! Without these adjustments – life is dormant, no growth – slowly dying. If you feel that perhaps the people you have surrounded yourself are bringing you down, you must as Robin Sharma puts it: “Let go of the relationships in your inner-circle that steal your joy. Your highest life depends on this one winning move.”

I have a library of books that are my absolute treasure. I will share with you what I have learned from these beautiful brilliant minds. If there is a topic you wish to discuss it could be work related or simply your view on any given topic, I definitely would like to hear about it. It will give me material to future posts and we can certainly tackle together what might be troubling you or if it is simply a positive thought that everyone should hear about – I am most certainly open to that.

Listen, you get one chance at life. Whether it be short or a long life – make it count. Fill your mind with the richness of beautiful words, your days with positive experiences, filled with adventure, be the type of person you would want to meet – create the ultimate you! Make all this possible, while keeping true to yourself!

With Family Day around the corner, I hope to share my thoughts on the importance of showing up when it comes to family, setting differences aside, or at least learn to look past your differences, to simply enjoy precious moments with those who count in your life. No compromise just simple compassion and empathy.

Until then, be kind and true to yourself.

To the powerful you,

Ana Spano

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7 thoughts on “Welcome to my first Blog post

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  2. Wow I really enjoy your thoughtful words and how you view how life should be.
    Wishing you only positive thoughts.
    Stay safe and write on!
    Ed C.


    • Thank you for your kind words Ed! Your support means a lot. It is my wish that everyone give themselves the opportunity to view life through a positive lens, especially during these challenging and difficult times–life is meant to be lived not feared. Don’t just tolerate life, live it wholeheartedly. Let our hearts guide the way! Wishing you all the best always Ed.


  3. At the outset I must say Ana, you have cultivated such a beautiful repository of perspective, it is indeed your thought provoking thoughts that so profoundly powered by rich set of perspectives. I’ve been always fascinated by the word “perspective”, the power of perspective somehow gets undermined and remains in the backburner…skill, knowledge, tools, techniques, methods dominate our working whereas it should have been the “art and science” of perspective.

    So often it is told to us; change your perspective change your life, everything in life so subtly revolves around the way we harbor and harness the innate power of perspective. Embracing with pious and purpose whatever the day holds for us makes the way we end up making the day count for us.

    Yes, life is simple but we tend to complicate things in our life by thinking on things that doesn’t matter and thinking too much, making meaning of everything whereas we should have been allowing things to naturally come and go by our way, and we should take up with fits in our purpose in life and allow the rest to go its way without meddling in those things or getting muddled in our thoughts.

    Thanks Ana for such lovely perspective.


    • Oh wow! Thank you Nihar, so beautifully written. Finally someone else who also gives this little but powerful word the respect it deserves. I too, am fascinated by this word, my life experience has opened an awareness teaching me that success is at our fingertips if we learn to view life for what it is, learn the lessons and move on. As you said, our thoughts cloud our judgment, that in turn block our paths to our purpose often leaving us disappointed and frustrated, instead we should allow our hearts to guide us, feel every experience, love as our true guide. Every experience; positive or negative, is a gift, we simply need to see things from the right perspective!

      Thank you for taking the time to read my blog Nihar. I truly appreciate your kind words.

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      • Indeed, our education system is such and we are trained so much on honing our skills and acquiring knowledge that we miss on this simple ways to make life beautiful. Yes Ana, the joy of life is in our hands and it can be done so simply by shifting our perspective which needs no complex body of techniques or deep training. But it needs that little bit of reconditioning of our mind to look at things differently and do so from the eye of mind…

        The other problem is that we don’s allow the thinking process to take some rest and give the fatigued mind a much deserved break, this perpetual nature of thinking takes away the required ability to nurture perspective.

        The perennial tussle between mind and heart keeps us on a tenterhook, we find it tough to reconcile between their differing viewpoints. If we don’t we are prone to fall prey to one of their trapped intention. Though we need to follow the passion of our heart and set the mission for our mind to get going…as so rightly put we need to see things from the right perspective.

        Thanks Ana for such lovely posts and your thoughts are deeply stimulating and inspiring.

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